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I do love a wee dram, and one of the benefits of being a commercial photographer in Scotland is that I get booked in to shoot whisky related photography from time to time. Over the years I've worked with clients to provide event photography at whisky launches, PR photos of new release bottles, and I've even been lucky enough to get behind the scenes on a few occasions - notably, to shoot the whisky judging panel for the International Spirits Challenge (still can't get over how many drams those guys got through in a day!), and to get some lifestyle photography of a few casks getting bottled and labelled at a bottling plant (very very cool to see!). Glorious stuff, and always excited to see one of these enquiries come to my inbox. Here is a wee selection of some more recent stuff - definitely looking forward to adding more photos to this collection in the future.

Photo of Bowmore Aston Martin 22 year Old Bottle with it's box, with bokeh lighting background
Close up photo of whisky being swirled around a copita whisky glass Whisky glass being filled after being drawn from a cask with four full wisky bottles in the foreground
Two master distillers smiling while drinking a Bowmore whisky
A woman looking at a whisky in a glass during a tasting session at a distillery A bar tender holding a bottle of whisky, about to remove the stopper
Atmospherically lit photo of two men holding glasses of whisky to their noses to smell before drinking
Close up photo of a bottle of Bowmore sitting on a bar with two glases of whisky being held bt hands in the foreground. A hand reaches for one of several glasses of whisky at a whisky judging event
Hero image of a selection of 4 different bottles of whisky sitting atop a cask in an industrial cask warehouse space
A man closes his eyes and has a look of concentration as he sniffs a glass of whisky at a whisky judging event A bartender prepares two cocktails behind a bottle of Laphroaig whisky that is sitting on the bar
Smiling bartender pours two cocktails from a cocktail shaker
A woman holds up a bottle of whisky to inspect for quality at a bottling plant. A label is placed onto a recently bottled whisky by hand at a bottling plant
A man takes notes while holding and sampling a whisky at a judging event
A man leans over a whisky cask to have a smell of it's contents at a distillery Close of photo of a pair of hands pushing a stopper into the top of a whisky bottle.
Smiling woman sitting at a table in a whisky tasting room at a distillery
An engineer in PPE instpects machinery in an industrial space at a whisky distillery Laughing man talking with friends while holding and tasting a whisky sample at a distillery
Hero photo of a bottle of whisky sitting on top of a whisky cask with sampling tools next to it
Bartender holding and placing a bottle of Bowmore whisky on a bar with a glass of whisky next to it Unlabled, recently bottled whisky is ordered into neat lines on a table by a bottling plant worker
Master blender RIchard Paterson sniffs one whisky from a flight of several glasses of whisky at a judging event
A bartender shakes a cocktail shaker in the bar at a whisky distillery visitor centre a table of people holding a smelling glasses of whisky at a tasting event
Three men smile and laugh as they sample a whisky at a distillery tour

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