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GIRI/CQIC Conference Edinburgh

Conference Photography

I recently had the pleasure of taking photos of a launch event in Edinburgh for the Get It Right Initiative and the Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative. Always nice to shoot a mini conference like this, and great to get inside a venue that I hadn't worked at before - the Edinburgh Carlton Hilton Hotel. Nice clients, nice people, and was a great wee bonus that I could actually understand some of the stuff being discussed  (this isn't always the case - looking at you medical conferences, ha!).

If you're planning a conference or business event of any shape or size around Edinburgh or Glasgow and need an experienced event photographer then drop me a line, would be delighted to hear from you. More examples of my conference photography can be seen here.

Speaker pointing to something in his presentation while talking at a conference in Edinburgh A man smiling as he watches a speaker at a conference
A woman smiling and leaning into a microphone while talking at a conference
Event delegates watching a presentation at a conference A man holding a microphone to ask a question at a conference
Conference delegates talking and smiling at a business conference
Smiling woman watching a speaker at a conference Panel discussion member answering a question
A man delivering a presentation at a conference while holding his hands up in front of him
Wide angle view of a conference room showing many people seated watching a speaker Man with glasses smiles as her watches a presentation at a business event
Busines portrait of a man in formal business wear in Edinburgh
A man gesticulating and speaking at a business conference Two conference delegates engaged in conversation
A man holding a sign in front of corporate branding A man holding a sign in front of corporate branding

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