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Conference Photography

I've been photographing conferences of all shapes and sizes for over 10 years now, and of all the types of bookings I get it's probably my favourite kind of job. I love shooting candidly and photographing real moments as they happen, and this is what good conference photography is all about - capturing the energy and buzz of an event by documenting all the presentaions and networking in real time, and in a way that shows off how great an event it really was. I love looking for that perfect speaker shot that shows the enthusiasm they have for their presentation, or for shots of happy and engaged delegates working together in a break out session, or excitedly networking over coffee, or all fun being had at an evening ceilidh. Good conference photography will help bring in new sponsorship and entice future delegates to come along to the next one, and so should always leave no doubt that the event was engaging and interesting, and that everyone who attended had a great time - and I really love getting the kind of photos that help show this.

The photos below are a selection from of a single recent conference in Edinburgh, at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre - somewhere I've worked a lot over the years, and one of the best venues for large conferences in Scotland. It was a brilliant event, with dozens of speakers and sessions over a variety of rooms, thousands of guests, and some amazing evening events in the programme as well.

If you would like to discuss your own conference then get in touch as I'd be delighted to hear from you. More example of my conference photography can be seen here.

Smiling delegates meeting and speaking at a conference registration area Smiling woman arrives at a business conference at the EICC
Man gesticulating with his hands as he speaks behind a lecturn at a conference
Man smiling at fellow conference delegates Seated man in a suit leans over and smiles in an auditorium
Singer, Julie Fowlis, performing on stage at the opening event of an Edinburgh business conference.
Two conference delegates laughing while sitting in an auditorium Smiling woman giving a presentation behind a lecturn at the edinburgh international conference centre
Men speaking and smiling while having lunch at a business conference Woman speaking at a panel discussion at a business conference.
Panel of four speakers smiling and talking to audioence suring a panel discussion
Man looking off camera and smiling to the audience during a panel discussion. Delegates watching a speaker at a conference session.
Speaker addressing a panel on stage at a business conference.
Woman smiling, seated around aother delegates, at a business conference. Man smiling at fellow speaker while part of a discussion panel at a conference.
Speaker at a conference gesticulating and addressing delegates at a conference Delegates laughing and speaking at a coffee break during a conference.
Wide angle of man holding a microphone and asking a question at a business conference at the EICC
Wide angle photo of auditorium full of people at a business conference Smiling man with his hand on a lecturn as he speaks at  the ICCA business conference.
Panel discussion at a breakfast breakout session at a conference Man and woman laughing and smiling while talking at a conference
Panel discussion speaker smiling and looking at other panel members.
Conference delegates smiling and networking over coffee Conference delegates smiling and networking
Conference delegates smiling and networking during a coffee break
Woman smiles at fellow speaker while seated on the stage during a panel discussion
Woman smiling and talking to other delagates at a business conference Delegates smiling and speaking at a conference break out session
Man speaking and gesticulating to a group of people during a break out session at a conference
People networking and talking at a business conference Woman speaker looks and smiles out to the audience during a Q&A session at a conference
Speaker looks and smiles out to the audience during a Q&A session at a confence
Man in traditional Scottish attire performs Address to the Haggis at a conference leisure event.
Audience clap and smile at a conference black-tie evening event Woman and man dance together at a conference evening event at the National Mueum in Edinburgh
A number of people cheer and dance while watching live music at a conference evening event
A woman cheers excitedly while watching live music at a conference evening event Happy people talk while holding drinks at an evening event in the Naitonal Museum in Edinburgh
A woman laughs as she and others dance at a ceilidh at the National Museum in Edinburgh

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