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Last week I was asked by one of my regular clients to capture some event photography of their company AGM and board meeting, as well as to do a refresh of the 21 board member's business portraits for their website. A nice relaxed day of mostly candid event photography (just my cup of tea!), with the only challenge being me trying to capture a room full of people sitting around a table talking about budgets while trying to make that look as interesting and as pleasing to the eye as possible... ha. Nice to have the time to do this though, as a lot of event photography tends to be very fast paced and fluid, with a lot of movement and tight timings to work with. The business headshots were a pleasure to take, as I was graced with a long, empty corridor that was absolutely full to the brim of lovely natural light in the morning - so I didn't even need to set up any flashes or lighting. Lovely stuff.

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